The End is Here My Dears

Hi everyone, I unfortunately have some bad news. I have been having issues with my computer AGAIN! It’s basically doing the same thing like before, I would start it up and nothing would appear on the screen. All of this started a week ago while I was playing the sims, I was just in the middle of loading a game when my screen went black and said there was no signal. I tried seeing if there was anything that could be causing it but had no luck. I would ask the person who built my computer to take a look at it, but with the issues I’ve been having with both my computer and laptop (which he also helped me with and I immediately regret following his suggestion) I’m sure he has given up already. The last time I had this problem, I told him about it and all he said was “Oh well.” Sorry about that small rant, I had to vent somehow. I don’t mean to blame him for all the problems, it’s just that whatever stuff he suggests when it involves with computers or laptops the outcome is never good. That’s what I get for not listening to my intuition!

Anyway back to the point! So because of these problems I keep having, I am very sad to say that I must discontinue my challenge. I was really excited to start Opal’s new life and I had some good ideas for the story line, but it seems like it must stop to grinding halt ūüė•

I would love to thank all of you for reading my challenge. I had tons of fun trying this out. I am very sad that this challenge must end so early, but because of the circumstance I have to. Thank you all so much for reading and commenting. When I do get some time (and a computer available) I will post what I had planned for Opal’s story.

Thank you all so much!

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Chapter 16: Just Growing on Up

As the days went by, Darien had been training Drake in his magic. Most of the time they just basically dueled each other.




But one day while they were dueling, Drake was able to send a strong fire spell at Darien. It was actually too strong for Darien to handle!

Screenshot-835“AH! Okay, okay, enough! I give in already!” Darien said after he put out the flames that were on him. “I guess you finally beat your old man!”

“Oh my Watcher! I actually beat you in a duel!” Drake said excitedly with a huge grin on his face.

Screenshot-834“Yeah looks like you did.” said Darien with contentment on his face. “Get over here so I can give you a high-five!”

Screenshot-839“Right, well since we’re done with training for today, I’m gonna practice my foresight abilities with the crystal ball. I’ll be in the lair if you guys need me.” said Drake as he started to walk towards the small library.

“Alright but don’t use it too much! You don’t want to feel drained or go crazy!” Amelia said while tending her garden.

I looked back at Darien and I could see he was deep in thought about something.

“Is something wrong?” I asked him.

“No, it’s just that my boy is growing up to be a man.” Darien sighed. “I’m glad he’s finally taking some responsibilities, especially in his magick training. He’s growing up now.”

Screenshot-836After a long period of silence, Darien had asked me “So have you told Drake that you’re planning to move out yet? You know, when you become a young adult?”

“No I haven’t.” I sighed “I’m not sure how to tell him.”

“Well even though I’m his father, I would suggest you go talk to Terra. If you asked me for advice, I would tell him straight up. No mercy.” He laughed.

“I’ll take your advice on asking Terra then.” I laughed back.

“She should be in her room. She got something in the mail and was all excited about it.” said Amelia as she picked the first harvest of peaches.


I went to the door that would be Terra’s room and knocked on it.

“Come on in! The door is unlocked.” I could hear Terra say real loudly.

I opened the door and found Terra checking herself in front of the mirror.

“Hey Terra, I just wanted to ask- Whoa! What are you wearing?!” I suddenly asked.

Terra was wearing what looked like some kind of armor-dress made out of red leather hide. She also wearing some large round earrings, long red finger-less gloves, and long red high-heeled boots.

Screenshot-841“Do you like it? It’s a battle armor-dress made from dragon hide. One of my fairy friends sent it to me. He’s stationed in Dragon Valley right now and thought of me when he saw it. I think it’s totally cute!” she squealed.

“Yeah it is, but why did it come with boots? If you ask me, I think those boots look too sexy for battle.” I pointed out.

“The dress and gloves came from my friend. The boots and earrings are mine.” Terra quickly answered.

“Then why do you want to wear them. Aren’t they gonna be uncomfortable if you fight or run in them?” I asked.

“That’s why I fly instead of run, honey. Besides, a girl can be tough and still look cute while fighting, right?” she asked with a funny-pouting face.

“Hey, whatever makes you happy. Anyway, Terra I need your help. I need to find a way to tell Drake that I’m planning to move out after I age. Do you have any suggestions?” I asked, hoping she would have a good answer.

“Yeah, why don’t you ask him to move with you? I know he’ll want to do that if you ask.” Terra said.

“I really don’t want to do that.” I said.

“But why?” Terra asked with a confused look.

Screenshot-846“Well, I like Drake and I would love to move with him, but I can’t. I feel like I should live by myself and try to handle things on my own. I need make the most of my new life and I feel in order to do that, I need to live independently for a time. I am grateful for everything he has done to help me, but soon there will be a time where I need to spread my wings…alone.” I explained to her.

“Well tell him that! But make sure he completely understands that it’s not him, but that it’s you.”

“Okay I will. I do want to live with him later on, but not at first.” I assured Terra.

“No worries kid. You’ll be fine!” Terra said with a grin.

Screenshot-849“Thanks Terra.” I said as I pulled her into a hug. “You know, I’m gonna miss you when I move. I’m gonna miss all of you!”


“Me too kid, me too.”

After we released each other, I had to ask Terra something that was now bugging me. She must had sensed it because she had a confused face again and asked me what was wrong this time.

Screenshot-851I put a smirk on my face and asked “Oh was just wondering but….your friend that sent you this armor-dress. Do you LIKE him? Is he cute?”

Terra just stood there slightly blushing and started to grin.

Screenshot-853“That’s for me to know and for you to find out kid!” said Terra



“That’s for me to know and for you to find out kid!”

Screenshot-845“What?! Opal is planning to move out after she ages?” said Drake as he gazed into the crystal ball.

Drake didn’t mean to listen into their conversation, he just asked the crystal ball what changes were going to occur after he had aged up himself. Drake started to feel heartbroken after seeing this. He understands that Opal wants to move out, but as to why she wants to go by herself, he will never understand.¬†“Doesn’t she know that Splendora will be after her? She needs someone there to protect her!” As Drake sat in the chair, trying to process things, another thought came into his mind.¬†“Who is this guy that Auntie Terra likes?”¬†He focused his energy into the crystal ball and started to scry once more.


It was finally Drake’s birthday. The weather was pretty bad outside, so we all just hung out in the living room. Terra and I were playing chess, while Amelia, Darien, and Drake were watching the gardening station on TV.

Screenshot-860“Why are we watching this again?” Darien asked.

“Because mom and I out-voted you, remember?” Drake replied.

“Oh yeah.” Darien said sounding bored.

Eventually the time had come for Drake to age. Amelia had bought him a yellow sheet, chocolate icing cake for his birthday.

Screenshot-861“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!” Everyone shouted. Drake silently made his wish and blew out his candles. Then the sparkles started to surround him.


Screenshot-864“OH!” Drake suddenly said. The sparkles must had took him by surprise.

His body was soon surrounded by sparkles and after it had died down, there was Drake standing as a grown young man.

Screenshot-867“Check me out!” Drake laugh as he made a ‘sexy’ pose.

“Yes, yes, you’re a young, hunky guy that all the girls will chase. Can we just eat some cake already?!” Terra was quite impatient when it comes to cake.

“Sure why not!” Drake said as he grabbed the first slice.

Soon all of us were sitting at the table enjoying the birthday cake. For whatever reason, Drake kept asking Amelia about her Hydrophobia. She clearly did not want to talk about it.

Screenshot-869After the dishes were cleaned and the leftover cake was put away, Darien and Amelia called for Drake to meet them in the kitchen.


“Son, since you’re a young adult now, your mother and I had gotten you a gift. Normal you would be the one to choose it but since you have different magicalk abilities than all the other witches, we made you your very own special wand.” Darien told Drake.

With the wave of their wands, a third one had appeared on the table.

Screenshot-872“This is a very special wand Drake. The core is made out of moonstone while the handle is made out of sunstone. We though we would make this wand for you since you’re capable of using both Sun and Moon magick.” Amelia explained. “We do hope you like it!”

“I love it!” exclaimed Drake “Thanks mom! Thanks dad!” He gave both of his parents really tight hugs.

“No problem son. Now have some fun with it!” Darien said.

“And do be careful!” Amelia added.


Screenshot-875Amelia, Darien, and Terra had retired to their bedrooms while I finished cleaning the dining room. I noticed that Drake was trying out the new wand he received. Drake waved his wand around for a little bit and then flick it. He was able to cause some colorful sparkles to appear. He smiled and commented that he had a good connection with his wand.



Screenshot-878“That was really good Drake!” I complimented on his magic skill.

“Thanks Opal, this wand is very powerful, and I do have a good connection with it too!” Drake smiled.

“That’s great! So you got any plans for tomorrow?” I asked.

“Yeah I’m probably gonna get my haircut tomorrow, and then get some new clothes.” He said. “What about you?”

“I gotta meet with Sam Sekemoto tomorrow to finish our project for school. I can’t wait for it to end!” I said while yawning. “Anyway, I better get to bed. Happy birthday Drake!” I gave him a huge hug.

Screenshot-880“Thanks Opal. Hey soon it will be your birthday too!” He commented.

“Yeah I know! It’s going to be real soon! Well good night!” I said as I went to my room.

“Good night!”


Just like he said, Drake went into town the next day to get a new haircut and some new clothes. I gotta admit, he did kinda look hot.

Screenshot-881I couldn’t go and say hi to him because I was running late to meet up with Sam at his house. But when I got there, I found out nobody was home.


I pulled out my phone to call Sam but noticed that I had gotten a text from him about 5 minutes ago. It seems that there was an incident that involved a witch turning him into a toad. He said he had to go to the hospital to see if the doctors can help him in anyway and apologized for not being there to help with the project.

“Oh, this ain’t good!” I muttered to myself. I sent him back a text saying it was alright and wish him well that the doctors can help him.

I made my way back home when I heard some commotion coming from the backyard. It was just Darien and Drake dueling again. Drake had just sent a sun charm against Darien, but he was able to disperse it and sent stars back at Drake. Drake was able to deflect it, but it seems he had lost this time.






“UUUGGGHHH! I lost!” Drake moaned.

Screenshot-888“HA HA! Can’t beat your old man this time!” teased Darien.

Screenshot-889After watching their duel, I sat outside to finish my project. It seemed like a nice day that I didn’t want to go inside. At one point I was having a hard time with the project, then that’s when Drake came up behind me.

“Hey Opal! That your project you were working with Sam?” he asked.

“Yeah, but unfortunately he couldn’t help. A witch turned him into a frog and had to go to the hospital. I just really hope it wasn’t Splendora’s work.” I told him.

“Me too. You know, I can help you with your project, if you want me too?” he offered.

“OMG! Yes please!” I happily said.


As soon I he sat down I quickly asked him a bunch a questions. Thank the Watcher he was a huge help!



Screenshot-897After we had finally finished the project, we both went into the kitchen when Drake asked me a sudden question.

“Opal, do mind if I try the good luck charm on you again? I know it didn’t work last time but I want to see if it will work now.” he asked me.

“Uh, sure…I guess.” I reluctantly said. I was kinda nervous of the spell not working again.

“Great! Now stand still.” he said as he quickly whipped out his wand and started to chant.

Screenshot-903“Wait! Drake, are you sure you want to do this now?!” I quickly asked.


He nodded while he was still muttering his incantation and waving his wand around. Then with a final wave, his flicked his wand and shot rainbows at me. As soon as the rainbows had it me, I felt a huge amount of luck on my side.

Screenshot-906“Great! it worked! How do you feel?” Drake asked me.

“I feel so lucky! Like I will get an A on the project for sure!” I said gleefully. I quickly went up to him and hugged him. “Thank you Drake!”

“No problem!” Drake said as he hugged me back.


Well, that day had come. The day I grow into a young adult. My birthday!

Everyone was excited that I came this far. I would never believe it would have taken me over fifty years for this moment. The time had come for me to blow out my candles and age up.

Screenshot-913I slightly made my wish and blew out the candles. After everyone had cheered, I could feel the sparkles starting to form around me.



Screenshot-924“I’m a grown woman now!” I said after the sparkles subsided.

“Alright! Let’s go eat some cake to celebrate!” shouted Terra.

We all grabbed a slice and ate while enjoying each others company.

Screenshot-926After we had all finished, Terra and Darien wished me a happy birthday before heading off to bed.

“Happy birthday Opal! I can’t believe your grown up already!” Terra said with some tears in her eyes. “I remember when we played tag the day I met you!”

“I know! I still considered that game unfair since you were flying the whole time!” I teased her.

We both laughed and gave each other hugs.


“Happy birthday girl. Now your new life can truly start!” Terra whispered.

“Thank you!” I whispered back.

After Terra left the room, Darien came up to me and wished me a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday kiddo!” Darien said as he hugged me. “This old body has to head off to bed! Don’t worry, at the rate you’re going you will understand soon!”

“Thanks Darien, good night!” I laughed.


After Darien left for his bedroom, it was Amelia’s turn to talk to me.

“Well birthday girl, I don’t mean to rush you or anything, but have you found a place to move into yet?” Amelia asked me.

“No I haven’t.” I sighed. “I can’t find a place to live in! How can I live my life if I can find a place?”

“I can help you with that! Well actually, it’s been taken care of already!” Amelia grinned.

“It is?!” I asked.

Screenshot-937“Yup! Darien and I wanted to get you something for your birthday. We wanted to make sure it was something that you will need for your new life. So we were able to pull some strings and bought you a house!” Amelia said excitedly.

“B-bought me a house?!” I stood there in shock.

“Yes! We got you a house. Now there are some things you should know about. It is in the middle of town and it is unfurnished. We did put some protection spells around the property so that Splendora won’t try anything to harm you in anyway. Terra also helped out and got some extra cash for you when you move out.” Amelia explained.

Screenshot-935“Amelia, thank you so much!” I said, trying to hold back the tears. “I can’t believe you guys did that! You’ve done so much for me! How can I ever re-pay you?”


“By living your life like you were meant to the first time!” Amelia said with a smile. “You know Opal, after resurrecting you almost ten years ago and watching you grow through out your childhood, I’ve always considered you as my daughter.”

I smiled when she told me that. “Amelia, in a way, you ARE my mother. You took me in, you fed me, you took care of me, heck you even gave me life! Not in the traditional way though!” I said. We both laugh and hugged each other.

Screenshot-932“Thank you so much for everything Amelia! I can’t express how much joy I have right now! I love you guys.” I said to her.

“You’re welcome Opal. I love you very much!” Amelia said. We had let go of other other, trying not to cry. Amelia wished me a good night and retired to her bedroom. After she had climbed the stairs, I then said out loud “So are you going to personally wish me a happy birthday or not Drake?”

Drake then quietly came from the kitchen with a smirk on his face. “Of course I am, i just had to wait until mom left.” He came up to me and said “Well, today was the day. Happy birthday Opal!” he said.

Screenshot-942“Geez, that’s it Drake?” I sarcastically asked with a smile on my face.

“Yeah pretty much!” he laughed.

After about 30 silence, I was going to tell him about my plans about moving out. But before I could say anything, he decided to break the silence.

“Opal, listen, I need to tell you something.” He started. “I know that you are planning to move out and live by yourself. My parents asked me to help put protection spells over the place where you will be living. But I need to confess about something.”

“What is it Drake?” I asked.

Drake did look nervous but he started to talk. “I knew you were planning to move out a while back.” he explained.

“What! When?” I asked again.

Drake then explained to me how he was scrying with the crystal ball and he overheard my conversation with Terra. “And please believe me that I didn’t mean to listen in on the conversation! The crystal ball just showed this to me when I asked what changes were going to happen when I grew up!” he added.

“It’s okay, I understand.” I assured Drake. “But since you overheard our conversation. Did you see who the guy Terra likes was?”

“No, I couldn’t see who it was!” Drake pouted. “Anyway, happy birthday Opal! I’m glad you were able to make it this far!” Drake said as he hugged me.

“Thanks Drake. I’m glad you were part of it.” I said to him.

Screenshot-944We both went into our own rooms where I decided to change my outfit and hair. ‘With my new life starting, I might as well have a new look!’

Screenshot-946After I was pleased with my new outfit, I went by the window to reflect everything that had happened for the past 10 years.

Screenshot-947‘I can’t believe it’s almost time for me to leave this place’ I thought.¬†I’m gonna miss everyone. Darien, Amelia, Terra, and Drake. I know that I can come by and visit but it won’t feel the same. I made a lot of good memories in this place, but I look forward to the ones I will make with my new life!

Screenshot-948‘Time to spread my wings and shine!’

This second life will be magical!

Chapter 15: Darien’s Vow

A/N: This chapter focuses more on Darien and his POV.

*Darien’s POV*

I laid there in my bed not wanting to wake up and feel the pains of the morning from my old body. But sadly, I had to. As soon as I started to get up, I noticed a few things were different. The first thing I noticed was my room. The walls were not the same red color I usually see, but instead it was a pale yellow color instead. The second thing I had noticed was my body. Instead of my old wrinkled one; I had a young, firm, tight body. As if I reverted into my 20’s again!

Screenshot-764“What the hell?” I said with my voice sounding young again. I looked around the room and found a mirror next to the window. I got out of the bed to check myself out to make sure I was seeing things right. Sure enough I was staring at my 25 year old self in the mirror.

Screenshot-765“How is this possible?” I asked my reflection. After checking out my young body again, I went to look outside the window to see if I could figure out where I was. Once again I was shocked to what I had discovered.

Screenshot-767“I’m in Moonlight Falls!” I couldn’t understand how this was possible. How could one person travel from Sunset Valley to Moonlight Falls in one night and go from elder to young adulthood without being aware of it?

As I stood there trying to figure things out, the door behind me starting to open. I quickly turned around to see who was entering the room and the person was no other than Amelia. A very younger Amelia.

Screenshot-769“I see my glorious Sun has finally risen!” she chuckled with her young voice. “How are you feeling?”

“I…really don’t know.” I said slowly with confusion.

“Is there something wrong?” Amelia asked with a worried face.

“Yeah there is. Amelia, can I ask you something?”

Screenshot-770“Sure what is it?” she asked eagerly. I forgot how preppy she was in the morning during our younger years.

“When did we become young again? The last thing I remember was that we were in our elder age and living in a nice house in Sunset Valley. What happened last night?” I asked.

“Darien, what are you talking about? We’re only 25 years old! Ugh, I told you not to have that shot of nectar before going to bed! You always have weird dreams when you do that.” Amelia scolded me.

“I’m sorry my beautiful Moon. I didn’t mean to.” I quietly apologized to her while lightly stroking her cheek. “I promise I won’t do it ever again!”¬†Even if I have to make this promise to her a second time!

“Oh I can’t stay mad at you forever. What would you do without me?” Amelia smiled.

“I’d be drunk all the time.” I joked.

“I’ll be in the kitchen eating some breakfast. Oh and could you please talk to your sister? Her latest antics are driving me nuts!” Amelia said as she started to leave the room.

Screenshot-771“You better get use to it! She’ll be with us for a while!” I told her.

“Oh Watcher, I hope not!” Amelia sighed.

I went to open the dresser where I found my old clothes from that time. I chuckled at myself on how I use to dress as a ‘bad boy’ back then. I put on my clothes as a wave of nostalgia over came me. I went downstairs into what looked like a living room and stopped dead in my tracks. ‘Why does this place look so familiar?‘ Then it hit like a ton of bricks.

Screenshot-772This is my childhood home!‘¬†I looked around the room as memories started to flood into my mind, that is when I noticed Terra was standing by the bookshelf.

“Terra! Thank the Watcher I found you. I need to ask you something.” I said.

Screenshot-774“Sure what’s wrong? I can sense you’re really confused.” said Terra as she put one of the books back on the shelf.

“I am! I clearly remembered all of us were living in Sunset Valley, with Amelia and I both in our elderly years, and then I woke up to find out we’re in Moonlight Falls as young adults! Do you know what happened last night that could of caused this?” I frantically asked her.

“First of all, relax! Second, it was just a bad dream. You probably had too much nectar again last night.” Terra said with a glare.

“But I didn’t have any!” I quickly defended myself.


“Darien, just forget about the dream alright? You have a big day ahead of you with your new job tonight, you Kitchen Scullion!” Terra smirked.

“Fine.” I grumbled to her as I felt frustrated from the lack of answers.

I went into the kitchen to make some breakfast where Amelia was just finishing washing her bowl. As soon as she saw me, Amelia noticed my frustration and started to frown.

“Darien is something wrong?” she asked.

I shook my head while avoiding her eyes as I walked toward the refrigerator, but she grabbed my arm and gently pulled me back so that I was standing in front of her.

“It’s about the dream isn’t it?” she asked.

I nodded. “I’m so confused. I swear everything that happened to me seemed so real, but to find out it was a dream, it doesn’t make any sense!”

“Don’t worry about it!” Amelia assured me. “Maybe it was a vision of us in the future. That the both of us will live a long happy life!”

“You could be right my love.” I said with a small smile. “If it was a vision, I can at least make sure Drake doesn’t pull the same mistakes again!”

“Who’s Drake?” Amelia asked looking puzzled.

*DING-DONG* Went the doorbell. “I’ll get it!” Terra shouted from the living room.

“Drake was our son in my dream. We also had a girl named Opal living with us too.” I explained after being interrupted by the doorbell.

“Opal? Is she our daughter?” Amelia asked with her voice full of excitement.

“No, she was a girl that had drowned. You were able to use magick to resurrect her back to life.” I told her.


“Resur- Darien! Are you saying I used dark magick in your dream?!” Amelia sounded confused and worried.

“No no no! It’s not like that at all! It’s…well… complicated…look you just have to trust me. You brought this girl back to life to give her a second chance by using your Moon magick.”

“Your not making any sense Darien!” Amelia said looking at me like I was crazy. “Why would I-”

“AAAAHHHHHHH!” came a blood-curdling scream from the living room.

Amelia and I quickly ran to the source of the noise and to my horror, I found Terra dead on the ground.

Screenshot-778“TERRA!” I scream. “Oh my Watcher, what happened?!”

We both stood in shock of what we found when I heard Amelia give a small gasp and whispered “Darien! It’s HER!”

Screenshot-780I quickly looked up from Terra’s lifeless body and found a person standing above her.

Screenshot-782“Hello Darien.” Splendora smirked.

“Splendora?! What are you doing here?” I growled at her.

“I just thought I popped by to give you and your family a visit.’ She said. “Terra was being very rude so I decided to give her a lesson. The same one I taught to your mother.”

“You’ll pay for what you did!” I yelled at her as I reached for my wand.¬†‘Wait! Where is my wand?’ I frantically patted around for my wand in my pockets but it could not be found.

“Looking for this?” Splendora smirked again with my wand in her hand. “You know Firelight, it seems your parents never taught you and your sister how to be kind and courteous to your guests. Looks like you will need to be taught a lesson too!”

With one quick movement, Splendora shot a spell right at me. But before I could move out of the way, Amelia screamed “No!” and moved herself in front of me. In a bright flash, Amelia immediately fell to ground, as a lifeless body.

Screenshot-783“A-Amelia?” my voice and body quietly shaking. ‘She can’t be dead! She just can’t be!’

But both her and my sister were laying on the ground, dead as a doorknob.

Screenshot-786¬†“Oh how sweet! She died protecting her husband! Such a shame. I really liked her, she had so much potential.” Splendora laughed.


“That’s it Splendora! I am ending you for once and for all!” I screamed at her. I really didn’t care at that point if I had a wand or not. After taking so much from me, I just wanted her dead!

I started to charge right at her and raised my arm to punch her, but I could suddenly feel my body moving very slowly. As if my body weighted a ton. Then with one quick motion, Splendora grabbed my shirt, flipped me over with one arm, and slammed me on the floor next to Terra. I laid there feeling the pain radiating through out my body and trying to process what had happened, but Splendora was standing above me with evil madness in her eyes.

Screenshot-777“After I’m finished with you, I’m going after your son! And Opal too!” She said gleefully. “You know, this is how exactly how your father looked before I ripped his heart out!”

Splendora raised her right hand and drove it into my chest. She pulled my heart out and crushed it.

I felt pain at first…then nothing…..


‘Where am I now?’ I thought to myself. After what felt like an eternity, I found myself standing in front of a double-door with statues on both sides of it. Just by looking at it I could feel that this was an important place.

Screenshot-787As I stood there examining my surroundings, I could feel that I was suppose to enter through the door. As if I was being called to it. After one deep breath, I turned the knob and opened the door which revealed what looked like some kind of throne room.

In the middle of the room stood two thrones with a wall ornament hanging behind it, which I instantly recognized as the family crest, the Sun. I also took noticed that there was a woman sitting on one of the thrones. But when I realized who this woman was, I started to frown.

Screenshot-789‘There is no way this can be her! She’s been dead for years! She looks like Terra but her eyes are orange like mine and there is only one person I know who had that color!’¬†There was only one way for me to find out if it was her or not.

“M-mom?” I cautiously asked the woman sitting on the throne.

“Hello Darien, it’s been a while my son.” My mother, Rose Firelight, greeted me with a gentle smile and compassion in her voice.

Screenshot-790“Do not be afraid, Darien. Come closer, the last time I saw you was when you were a little boy.” My mother said as she stood up from her throne.

I carefully walked up to her until we were face-to-face. “My, you have grown so much!” she smiled.

“Mom?” I asked with caution again. “Do you know what happened to me? I thought I was in my elder-hood but I woke up being young again. I also remembered being attacked by Splendora. Did…did I…am I dead?”


“No you’re not my little Sun. What you had experienced was just a dream.” My mother explained to me.

“So is this a dream I’m having right now?” I asked.

“Yes and no.” said my mother. “You are still asleep in the physical world but I brought your spirit here in this realm of the netherworld to help you.”

“Help me with what?” I asked again.


“Darien honey, I need you to break your vow of vengeance against Splendora. You need to get over my death.” Mother said calmly.

“But mom! I just can’t do that!” I protested. “She took you from us when we were kids! Terra and I grew up with out a mom! Your life was taken, so her life must too!”

“Yes I understand your anger, my son, but I do not want you to fall under the same fate as your father.” My mother calmly said again.


“Dad? What happened to him? Is he okay?” I asked. I haven’t seen my father since Terra and I turned 18. As soon as we did, our father basically left to get revenge on Splendora. We haven’t heard or seen him since.

“I’m sorry to say this but he passed away when both you and Terra were 28 years old. He was able to find Splendora but she killed him.” My mother explained with tears starting form in her orange eyes. She continued on: “Sadly, because a huge part of his life was to seek revenge on my death, he had a large amount of anger in him. He carried it deep within his soul even after he crossed over. Because of that anger, he was not allowed to join me and was sent to the dark side of the netherworld…the abyss.”

“The abyss! How long is he going to be there for?” I asked.

“Until he releases the anger from his soul. It could take 10, 20, 50, or even more than 100 years. It could even take an eternity!” My mother said with more tears forming in her eyes. “Darien, this is why I need you to release your vow against Splendora. Your anger, your need for revenge, will consume you. It will push you away from your wife, your son, and your sister. Just like how the anger your father had pushed him away from you and Terra. You will become like your father and will be sent to the abyss. It is horrible knowing where my husband is at right now but it will be torture if my son joined him.”

After hearing what my mother had learned about my father, I started think back during the times when the anger started to affect me. I remembered pushing Amelia away when she wanted to help me. Neglecting Drake’s attention when he was a child and snapping at him when he wasn’t taking things seriously. Feeling anger towards my sister for feeling no need of vengeance after our mothers’ death. As I thought of this, I started to feel their emotions from the anger I gave out to them. I felt helplessness from Amelia, fear from Drake, and surprisingly, I felt pity from Terra.

My mother then said “This is why I summoned you here. To help you understand what will happen if you hold on to this anger. Not only would you be sent to the abyss, but that anger will eventually start growing in Drake.” As soon as she said that I had a vision of Drake basically doing what I was doing. Pushing people away from his life because one person ruined his. He would have blamed me but then he would have blamed Splendora and make a vow of his own. I need release this vow!’

“Mom” I finally said after what seemed like a few long minutes. “I understand now. I understand what I need to do. How can I do it?”

Screenshot-794She smiled and said “What you need to do is quite simple. Replace your old vow with a new one.”

“But what can I replace it with?” I asked.

With her loving orange eyes looking directly at mine she told me.

Screenshot-797“By loving your family. Let Amelia help you with the problems you are facing, she has so much love that she can help you. Be there to guide Drake with his powers, he is going to need your help now more than ever! Finally, apologize to Terra. She understands the pain you feel and knows that you don’t mean to take it out on her. Apologize to her and you will know that she has forgiven you. Do you think you can do that my little Sun?”

“Yes.” I said quietly “Yes I can.”

“Thank you.” My mother smiled. “But now I need to ask you to make one more vow, if you don’t mind.”

“What is it?”

“It is about Opal. Her and Splendora are connected, I do not know why or how they are connected, but what I need you to do is to protect her. Splendora will try to do something to Opal and you need to be there to protect her. Not only by physically protecting her but also by training Drake in his magick. He has very strong magick within him that he will need help trying to control it. Amelia won’t be able to do it alone. Can you also do that?” Mother asked me.

“Of course!” I immediately answered. “Mom I vow that I will protect Opal from Splendora and that I will train Drake in his magick!”

My mother gave a huge grin across her face and said “Thank you my little Sun! Sadly it is time for you to go back, but don’t worry, we will see each other again!”

My mother wrapped her arms around me, giving me her famous hug that I fondly remembered receiving as a child, as I hugged her back.

“I know we will. I love you mom.” I whispered in her ear.

“I love you too, my little Sun.” She whispered back.



I slowly opened my eyes to find myself in my bed at Sunset Valley, with my darling Amelia next to me fast asleep. I slowly got up with the usually pains of the morning from my old body, but this time I didn’t care. I was still feeling the love I received from my mother in my dream and the power of the new vow that was now on me.

Screenshot-799I quietly got dressed so I wouldn’t disturb my beautiful sleeping Moon and left the room in search for Terra. I had to apologize to her, but not here.

I’d reckoned Terra was in the kitchen doing something when I heard some banging noises. Sure enough there was Terra, hammering down the microwave. ‘Of course she would do something like this!’ I mentally chuckled.

Screenshot-800“What are you doing?” I grumbled, trying to make sure she wouldn’t pick up the happy feelings I was holding inside.

“Fixing the microwave with a hammer!” She said as she pounded away.


“Why the hell not?” she laughed. “So what’s up bro? You need something?”

“Yeah I do. Listen, Terra, I need you to meet me at the new park in an hour. I have something to tell you and it’s very important.” I told her.

“Is it that important that we can’t talk about it here?” She looked at me with a curious face.

“Yes! And don’t be late!” I snapped at her as I left the house.

“Kay, I’ll be there in two hours then!” She answered back.


Terra’s POV

Just as my grumpy-ass brother asked me to, I arrived at the new park an hour later.

‘I wonder why he wanted me to come here for? I hope there isn’t something wrong with him. Then again, his mood and¬†energies¬†were kinda different than usual this morning.’

I found Darien sitting on one of the benches staring at the rose bush.¬†‘Rose….mom…’ I quickly touched the rose earrings Amelia had made for me that were dangling from my earlobes. I loved them when she gave them to me. It was a beautiful reminder and symbol of love. Something that I use to represent my mother. I quickly made my way to where Darien was sitting so he wouldn’t be more irritated with me. As soon as I came near him he immediately said “Sit.” So I took a seat next to him.

Screenshot-801As we sat there in silence, waiting for him to talk, I could start to sense what he was feeling. He was feeling grumpy, irritated, and of course mad. But suddenly out of nowhere, all of that negative feelings went away and was replaced with a mixture of relief, guilt, happiness, and love! ‘What the hell?!’¬†I thought.

Finally Darien said “I’m so sorry Terra. I’m sorry for all the anger that I had and used against you. I’m sorry that you had to feel that from me all these years. I’m sorry for pushing you away from me like how dad did with us. Can you ever forgive me?”

Screenshot-803“Are you on drugs or something?” I asked him.”I swear to the Watcher if you are I am taking you personally straight to rehab!”

“No I’m not!” he chuckled. “I had a dream or vision, whatever the hell it was, about mom. She told me everything how my anger was slowly hurting everyone. She also told me about dad.”

“Dad?! What about him?” I quickly asked. I was hoping he was doing alright, or at least did alright since he probably died from old age already. But from what I started to feel from Darien, it wasn’t good.

“Mom explained to me that dad had found Splendora but was killed by her when we were 28.” he explained.

I knew our dad must have passed away already but I didn’t realized it was that long. Then I felt even more sadness from Darien. There was more to it.

“Was that all mom told you about dad?” I asked.

Darien shook his head and said “Mom told me because he held so much anger in his soul, he could not join mom where she was and was sent to the abyss instead. He’ll stay in there but only until he releases his anger.” he quickly added. Darien then explained about how his anger would have affected him if he didn’t changed his ways and that Drake would picked it up and follow the same path as our father. Which is why Darien had to change.

As I tried to let all this information sink in, Darien once again apologized for the times he was grumpy and hurtful to me. I could tell he was genuinely sorry for all those times his anger took over him. As we stood up I grabbed and pulled him into a tight hug.

Screenshot-806“I had forgiven you a long time ago!” I whispered into his ear. I could feel the gratefulness that was radiating from him.

“Thank you.” he said as we released each other from our hug with tears forming in his eyes.

WAIT! Tears in his eyes!!! Geez he’s really serious!’¬†I thought.

He quickly tried to compose himself and looked slightly embarrassed. “Right well since Drake is in school right now, I’m going home to apologize to my wife and tell that I love her.” He said with happiness in his voice.

“Great! While you do that I’m gonna try something that I learned the other day from one of other fairies.” I told him.

“Good luck with that!” He said as he started to walk away.

“Thanks!” I shouted to him as he got on his broom and flew off.

I hung back a little bit before doing what I needed to do. I was feeling grateful that mom was somehow able to get to Darien and help him change. I stood next to the rose bush with the red flowers blooming. I could smell the scent coming from the roses as I thought of my mother from those far, but yet not faint memories I had of her.

“Thanks mom.” I quietly said looking out into the bay “It’s about time someone knocked some damn sense into him!”


‘Right time to get started!’ Then I headed towards the kids’ school, out of all the places!


Terra finally arrived at the school. She was determined to make this work! She went to the side of the building where the mighty weather stone stood proudly.

‘Seriously, out of all the places!’¬† Terra thought.

Terra stood in front of the weather stone (or rather behind) and started to use the ancient chant the fairies had taught her. Soon after, she started to give some of her fairy magick as an offering for the stone to work.

Screenshot-812As the ritual continued, Terra could feel curiosity and fear from some of the students and teachers that were crowded against the windows. Without breaking her concentration, Terra could see from her peripheral vision that Drake and Opal were watching her, wondering what she was doing. Then Terra suddenly felt a strong burst of power from the weather stone. Its’ eyes turned green and sent a beam of light into the air which caused some dark clouds to cover the skies. Those ominous dark clouds started to pour not water, but flowers!

Screenshot-814Everyone, including Terra, was surprised to see flowers raining from the skies. Soon all of Sunset Valley was in a downpour of flowers.

Screenshot-816The rain of flowers had a wonder effect on everyone and everything. People started to report that the towns’ plants and crops were thriving because the flowers from the sky had good fertilizing properties in it. There was even some reports that a few dead plants were brought back to life! People seemed to benefit from this floral downpour by being happier and friendly which each other. The flowers even had some kind magic to give off a romantic effect as couples gave more romantic gestures to their significant other.

Even the most grumpiest of people could not escape the effects of the flowers.




A/N: Thank you everyone for your patience. I have been through a lot for the past 6-7 months as stated from my previous post but I’m happy that I was able to finish this chapter. I’m so sorry it took so long and I do hope that you all enjoyed it!

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Chapter 14: Just A Friendly Outing

It was finally another weekend! Don’t get me wrong, I still love going to school but with different classes having projects and quizzes happening all at once, I was looking forward for a break! After staying up late for the past few nights working on school projects, my body really needed some sleep so I wasn’t really surprised that I woke up after 11 a.m. Apparently, while I slept, I missed two text messages. One was from Amelia letting me know that everyone was going to be out of the house when I woke and not to be alarmed to find myself alone. The other message was from Drake, asking me to meet him at the new Prism Art Studio. He claimed that he had something to give me over there. I sent him back a text saying that I will be there in 20 minutes. After I quickly got dressed I called up a taxi, since I couldn’t drive yet or the fact we don’t have a vehicle, and made my way to the studio. After paying my fee, I went searching for Drake where I found him outside creating something with the glassblower.

Screenshot-742At first I was going to pester him but I noticed that he was deeply concentrated in his work. It’s funny to see him serious about something that doesn’t involve magic or chess.

Screenshot-743A moment later, Drake added is final touches to whatever he was making and placed it in the heater. After he closed the door I made my presence known to him.

“Hey Drake, I’m here like you asked. You said you have something for me?” I said.

“Opal! Good your here! Yeah I do.” Drake said excitedly. “Here this is for you!” he said as he gave me a small box.

“You got me a gift? How sweet of you!” I felt so flattered as I received the box from him.

“Actually it’s gifts.” grinned Drake.

“Gifts? As in two?” I asked. Drake nodded and I quickly open the box. Inside the box was a pair of Sunburst Earrings and a Red Hot Necklace. “Oh my, Drake! These are beautiful! Where did you get these from?” I asked him.

“I made them both myself!” he said with his grin spreading even larger.

“You¬†made them?! Drake that’s amazing! I didn’t know you were so talented. Thank you so much!” I squealed as I hugged him really tight.

Screenshot-744“Your welcome Opal!” he said while trying to gasp for some air.

“I’ll be right back. I’m gonna put these on right away!” I told him.

I went into the bathroom to use the mirror so I could see myself with the jewelry Drake made. After a few minutes I emerged out of the bathroom and found Drake at the same spot where I left him, pulling out his glass vase he made.

“So what do you think?” I asked him as I showed off my new jewelry.


“I think they look perfect on you!” he said.

“Thank you.” I smiled. Then suddenly my stomach started to growl angrily at me.¬†‘I forgot to eat before I came here!’

“Hey you wanna go to the diner to eat something? I haven’t had anything since breakfast.” Drake asked me.

“Oh my god, yes!” I quickly answered him.

We called for a taxi, since neither of us could drive, and arrived at the diner. It started to get busy with it being lunchtime and all. As we headed towards the entrance I noticed Drake seemed hesitant about going in.

Screenshot-747“You okay?” I asked him.

“Yeah, it’s just that there are A LOT of people here and I don’t do well in crowds.” Drake said with a sightly shaken voice.

“Why is that?”

“I’m a loner, and us loners hate being around other people. Especially if there is a crowd of them, I start getting panic attacks.” Drake explained.

“Well you better not get one because I really want to eat. Don’t worry you’ll be fine if you just stay by me.” I assured him.

“Okay, here goes nothing.” he said while taking a deep breath.

It didn’t turn out as bad as Drake thought. Yeah he almost had an attack when a group of kids sat by the table near us, but after we ignored them we started to have a blast! It was even more fun when the food finally arrived. After spending about two hours at the diner, we both were trying to decide when to go next.

“How about a movie? I heard the new one is good.” I suggested.

“I would love to go there but the theaters are out of tickets, look!” Drake showed me his phone that showed all of the tickets were sold out as proof. “How about the beach? We could watch the sunset if you want to?”

“That sound great!” I said.

When we both got into the taxi that we hailed, the driver turned around and asked us “Where to kids?”


“Old Pier Beach, please.” Drake told him.

“Gotcha, say are you two both on a date?” the driver asked us.

I could feel myself and Drake blushing really hard. ‘Was this a date? I mean he gave me jewelry, we had a meal together, and now we’re going to watch the sunset. Friends, good friends, do this too! Right?¬†

“No we’re not on a date. It’s just a friendly outing.” Drake said quickly.

“Okay, I gotcha. Just a ‘friendly’ outing.” The driver smirked.

10 minutes later we were at the beach. Drake was about to pay the cab fare but our driver told us that it was for free. He said something about young love and drove away. As we walked near the beach, there were a few things that stood out to me. First of all was the sun setting into the horizon. Secondly was the people playing in the water and lying on the sand. The third were the two fairies. The first fairy I saw was playing in the water, which in no doubt was Judy Bunch with her big blue wings. The second fairy was napping on a towel in the sand with her long red wings in the air. That fairy was of course Terra.

Screenshot-749We stood near-by Terra as we watched the sunset. After it had set, we both started to about how Drake made my jewelry.

Screenshot-750“And I just added some ruby dust to give your necklace a nice red glow. Not bad for making it the first time huh?” he finished.

“Wow that’s interesting.” I said. “Yeah not bad at all. The quality looks really good!”

“Thanks even my teacher was surprised. The earrings were about the normal quality, which is common for first time makers. But my teacher was astonished about the necklace, he said that usually first time makers don’t make a brilliant type quality.”

“Well I guess the necklace is very special then huh?” I giggled.

“Not as special as you are.” Drake flirted.

I started to blush when he said that. He must have saw me blushing since he started to blush too.

“Oh my watcher, I can’t take any more of this!” Terra suddenly said as she got up from her towel.

“Oh Terra! Did we wake you up? I’m so sorry!” I quickly apologized.

“Partially, your guys’ hormones are driving me up against the wall!” Terra glared at us.

Screenshot-751I could feel the two of us blushing again.

“But don’t worry you guys aren’t the only ones.” Terra leaned in and quietly said “Thornton Wolff is reading some erotica book over there. It’s making me really nauseous!”

“It doesn’t look like he’s reading that kinda of book, Terra. It seems he’s reading a book on gardening.” Drake informed her.

“Drake, I’m pretty sure that there is no gardening book in the entire world that has a strong and intense section on ‘The Birds and the Bees’!” Terra snapped at him.

“Well couldn’t you just block the emotions your picking up?” I asked her.

“Yeah I could, but I’m too hungry to do that. Anyway I’m out of here, I’ll grab a burger at the diner.” Terra said as she gathered her belongings. “Oh and Drake. Catch.” Terra said as she threw a beach bag at Drake. Drake caught it looking very confused. “It’s from your mom. She had a vision the two of you were going to the beach and asked me to give this to you. In case you decided to swim.” Terra explained. “Catch ya later kids!” Then Terra flew off to the diner.

We both stood there in silence for a little bit when Drake asked me “So do you want to go swimming?”

Screenshot-752“Yeah sure!” I said with a fake grin on my face. In truth, I really didn’t want to. Even though it’s been over fifty years, I was still uncomfortable about being in the water. I know it’s kinda silly but after you experience what it is like to drown there is no way you would want to feel that again. But with Drake’s hopeful expression on his face, there was no way I could say no.

“Great! There is some changing tents near by, I’ll meet you outside in about five minutes.” Drake said as he handed me my swimwear.

“Alright!” I said with my fake grin still plastered on my face.



About 10 minutes later we were slowly making our way into the sea. It took me a little longer to get into the the water because not only was I still nervous but the water was actually cold.

“How’s the water over there?” I called out to Drake.

Screenshot-755“It’s a lot warmer over here!” Drake yelled back. I wadded myself towards Drake where the water was indeed warmer than my previous spot. It actually felt nice!

“Let’s go in deeper.” Drake said to me.

“I dunno-” I began to say but Drake already started to swim out. “Great!” I muttered to myself. “Hold on Drake, I’m coming!” I started to go in deeper in the nice warm ocean. “Okay just breath. Your doing fine, don’t let the waves bother you.” I mentally self-talked so I wouldn’t have a panic attack.

Screenshot-757I finally caught up with Drake who was just calmly relaxing in the water.

“Geez what took you so long?” he asked.

“Well I’m not much of a swimmer.” I told him.

Screenshot-759“Opal, you seem kinda tense. You should relax a little bit.” Drake told me.

“Really? What do you suggest I do?” I asked him.

“First of all just close your eyes and breath.” he instructed me.

I close my eyes and started to breath. I started to feel good and began to relax.

“Now, think fast!” Drake quickly said.

“Wh-ahh!” I opened my eyes and all I saw was Drake splashing water on my face.

“Drake please stop!” I asked.

“Oh come on, it’s just water.” he answered as he continued to splash more water.

“No Drake, really please stop!” I started to plea.

Then with another wave of splashes, some of the water went into my mouth and went down my air pipe. As soon as that happened, the memories of that day was triggered in my mind. I started to remember the water filling my lungs, my desperate attempt to swim to the surface, and finally when I started to lose consciousness.

“DRAKE! THAT”S ENOUGH!” I yelled at him. He instantly stopped splashing and looked at me with huge eyes.

“Opal are you alright?” he asked.

“No I’m not.” I said to him coldly as I started to swim to the shore.

“Opal wait!” Drake started to follow me to the shore.

I finally got to the shore with Drake still in pursuit calling my name. Eventually he caught up to me and was asking what was wrong.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?! You kept splashing me when I asked you to stop!” I angrily told him.

Screenshot-761“Opal, I’m sorry that I didn’t stop. I was just having too much fun! But why did some little splashes made you so angry for?” said Drake.

“First of all, those weren’t small splashes they were big. Also, some of the water got into my mouth which triggered some bad memories. Heck I didn’t even wanted to go into the water!” I told him.

“Wait how can the water trigger some bad mem-” Then my words clicked for Drake.

Screenshot-762“Oh my watcher, Opal! How could I have been so stupid! I forgot about how you died. I’m so sorry I put you through that and what I did to you! I’m such an idiot, can you please forgive me?” Drake pleaded.

I took a deep breath and told him “Don’t worry I forgive you. But I must admit it it was kinda my fault too. I should had told you how I truly felt about swimming. I only agreed¬†because you wanted to.”

Screenshot-763“But you don’t have to do everything that I want Opal. We could have done things you wanted to do. Also, if we actually do stuff I wanna do and your not comfortable with it, then at least let me know.” said Drake.

“Alright I’ll let you know next time.” I smiled.

“So your not mad at me?” Drake asked.

“No I’m not.” I replied.

How could I not stay mad at him? The guy made me jewelry for watchers’ sake!


Chapter 13: Skills

Note: This chapter is picture-heavy.

One winter morning I woke up real early for no apparent reason. I tried laying there in my bed to fall back to sleep, but I just wasn’t able to. So instead I got dressed and went downstairs to make some breakfast. I guess I wasn’t the only who woke up early because in the dining room sat Terra eating her breakfast. After making my bowl of cereal, I join Terra at the table and we started to chat. Screenshot-667Eventually, Terra decided to drop a bombshell of a question on me. “So Opal, I was just wondering but when the hell are you gonna tell Drake about your feelings for him?”

What?!” I asked as I choked on my food. “What makes you think that I have feelings for him?”

“First of all, I’m a freaking fairy! Remember what Judy Bunch told you a few years ago? Us fairies have the ability to sense and pick up the emotions of people around us. And girl, whenever your by Drake I can feeling those giddy and fluttering emotions coming from you. Secondly, when one of us mentions Drake, you kinda blush…a lot!” said Terra.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about! You must be lying!” I quickly said as I tried not to blush.

“Whatever.” Terra said as she shifted her gaze towards the window. Screenshot-668“Spring is coming up soon. You know, I heard that is usually the time where relationships start to bud then blossom.” Terra said casually.

“Alright that’s it. I am done with my breakfast and with this conversation!” I said as I got up from my seat to wash my dish in the kitchen. Screenshot-671“You better tell him soon Opal! I stuff I keep picking up from you is starting to drive me insane!” Terra loudly said.


“I though you were already insane!” I loudly said back.


After washing my bowl, I notice a kit on the counter from a place called Sims University. As I was checking it out, I saw that there was some sheets of paper that said “Aptitude Test”. I decided to try it out to see what I would score. Screenshot-673It wasn’t good but it wasn’t bad at the same time. I scored enough points to get 6 extra credits in the Technology major but not enough to get a scholarship. “Oh well. I could at least use the credits to my advantage if I wanted.” I thought. I put down the test and went into the music room. Yeah apparently Darien and Amelia had a music room that no one has ever used. So since no one uses it, I usually go there and practice on the keyboard which was a great stress release. Screenshot-674 I did try not to play loudly because I am really bad at it, but someone must have heard me because the door swung open and Darien came walking in. Screenshot-679“Aha, I did hear music! And Terra though I was getting really old.” Darien said.

“Oh Darien! I was hoping you wouldn’t hear me, I’m really bad at this.” I said as I quickly jumped up from my seat.

“No worries Opal, I’m actually glad you’re using it to practice your skill. If you need anything just let me know.” Darien said as he started to leave.

“Darien wait! There is something I wanted to ask you.” I said.

“What is it?”

Screenshot-684“Terra was telling me one time that you perfected your athletic skill. I was wondering if you could possibly train me to be more athletic.” I told him.

“Now why is that?” Darien asked me.

“I really haven’t told anyone about this but when I was a little girl, before I died, I wanted to become an international super spy. It’s a lifetime wish I have. You see, when I was about five years old my parents were murdered. I really don’t know who it was but the murderer was never caught, even after my death. I know there is possibly no way for me to find this guy or anything now, believe me I already tried, but I want to help prevent or at least bring justice to those who are being murdered now. I thought this would be the best way to help people with my second chance. So since I will be eventually joining the force, I need to increase my athletic skill.” I explained to Darien.

“Well that sounds like a good enough reason!” Darien beamed at me. “Let’s start right now!”

Screenshot-685“Thank you Darien! Thank you so much!”




I was starting to regret asking Darien for help now. It’s not even an hour and I was almost fatigued.

“Oh my watcher, I’m freakin tired!” I breathlessly said.

“I DON’T CARE! YOU WANTED THIS SO YOU ARE GETTING IT!” Darien screamed in my ear again. “Just 10 more minutes and we’ll be done!”

Just 10 more minutes, just 10 more minutes, just 10 mor-“Ah!” I lost my footing and caught myself about to trip, hanging on the treadmill for dear life.

Screenshot-689“GET UP SUARLEY! DON’T YOU EVEN DARE FALL DOWN ON ME!” Darien yelled.

I tried to get up as fast as I could, but my legs decided to give out at that point. ‘Wham!’ My face was planted on the treadmill and it quickly threw me off.


“Ow! That really hurt.” I mumbled as I was getting up, trying to ignore the pain on my face and limbs.

“Ugh you were so close! You could have done better though.” Darien grumbled.

Screenshot-691“I know but it’s still something right?” I asked him.

“Yeah it’s something, but not good enough if you want to join the force!” said Darien. “Anyway, you should rest up and we’ll try again tomorrow.”

“Thanks Darien!” I said.

“No problem kid.”


“Got ya you piece of turd!” Drake said as he squashed a bug.

Screenshot-693“Drake, what are you doing?” Amelia asked looking puzzled.

“I was just killing this roach that was turned from an apple before we get an infestation.” Drake explained. “Mom can I ask you something?”

“What is it son?”

Screenshot-695“Since I have been working on my magick, I was wondering if I could do a practice duel with you. My magick has increased since I’ve been reading the spellbook so I want to see how strong it is now.” said Drake.

“I really don’t know if you want to practice with me. I am a lot stronger than your father, why don’t you ask him instead?” Amelia told Drake.

“I would but it’s almost time for him to go to work and I really don’t want to wait for him. So can I please duel with you?”

“I guess.” Amelia gave in. “Meet me upstairs in the main hall. We will have more room up there and I’m pretty sure Terra would want to see this.”

“Thanks mom! I’ll see you there!” Drake hugged his mom and quickly raced upstairs.


I just gotten out of the shower after my training session with Darien and went downstairs to relax As soon as my foot left the last step at the bottom of the stairs, I heard Drake’s voice calling my name.

“Opal! There you are, I need to ask you something.” Drake said excitedly while my heartbeat started to race.


“What is it?” I asked quickly.

“I was wondering if I could practice casting a good luck charm on you. My magick has been getting stronger and I want to see how well I can preform a spell. Is that okay with you?” he asked me.

“Yeah sure!” I quickly agreed.

“Great! Okay so just take a few steps back and I’ll start the incantation.”

I follow Drake’s instructions and soon after he pulled out his wand. He started to mutter something that I couldn’t understand and wave his wand carelessly.



“Uh Drake? Are you suppose to wave your wand like that?” I asked him feeling nervous.

He nodded and started to wave his wand with even more carelessness. The more he waved his wand, the more yellow-green sparkles started to come out.

“Drake, I know I’m not a witch but that doesn’t seem to look right.”

“Relax Opal. It’s suppose to be like that. Now hold still!” Drake said.

Drake started to say his incantation even louder which caused the sparkles to grow more intense.

“Drake, seriously! That doesn’t look right!” I said very loudly.

Screenshot-701“Annnddd, now!” Drake said with a flick of his wand.


Nothing but smoke came out if his wand.

“What the hell?!” Drake shouted. “That wasn’t suppose to happen!”

“What was suppose to happen?” I asked him.

“Rainbows were suppose to come out of my wand and surround you. After that you were suppose to feel a huge amount of luck on your side. Please tell you feel lucky right now?” Drake asked me as he starte to smack his wand.

I stood there for a few seconds trying to understand what I was feeling.

Screenshot-704“I feel normal right now. Not lucky though.” I told him.

“Ah damn it! I thought I would have it by now. I’m such a bad witch.” lamented Drake.

“No your not! You just need to practice some more and remember, you’re still young! So you won’t be able to successfully cast every spell at first.” I tried to cheer him up.

Screenshot-705“I dunno, maybe I will have better luck with the duel against my mom.” Drake muttered with his head hanging down.

As if right on cue, Amelia and Terra came inside though the back door.

“Alright let’s get this started!” Amelia said.

Terra went to stand next to me while Amelia went to talk to Drake.

Screenshot-710“Are you sure you want to do this Drake? I am a lot stronger than your father so I might easily defeat you.” Amelia told Drake.

“I’m positive! I know I can do this!” Drake said with determination.

“Alright. Good luck honey!”

As Amelia went to take her place for the duel, I leaned over to Terra and whispered “So who do you think is going to win?”


“Amelia. She’s gonna whoop Drake’s butt. What about you?” Terra whispered back.

“Drake. I’m sure he’s gonna win.” I told her.

Terra looked over to me and gave me that goofy ‘you’re only rooting him because you like him’ smirk.

“Stop it!” I playfully shoved her.

“Alright, wands at the ready? Begin!” said Terra.

In a flash, Amelia immediately shot a wave of stars towards Drake which he was able to deflect.



Screenshot-714“Not bad Drake. But can you stand against my Moon blizzard magick?” Amelia asked as she summoned a blizzard spell at him.

Screenshot-715“Oh watcher that’s cold!” Drake said he tried to evade the spell.

Screenshot-716“Alright mom, I don’t intend to say any bad puns or anything cheesy, but let’s heat things up!” said Drake. Then from his wand, Drake shot out a tongue of fire right at Amelia. Which actually engulfed her.

Screenshot-717Amelia was able to block most of the flames.

Screenshot-718“Yeah that was a pretty bad pun.” Amelia said with some of the flames still on her. “You know, that was a very good fire spell Drake! You should see how it feels!” Then the flames around Amelia started to form a circle in around her to shoot back at Drake.

Screenshot-720“Karma’s a bitch as they say.” Amelia smirked.

Just before she was about to point her wand at Drake, he suddenly shouted “I don’t think so mom!” and flick his wand at her. Much to our shock, Drake was able to summon a powerful sunbeam charm right at Amelia which had hit her at full blast.


Screenshot-724I looked at Amelia and saw her eyes were wide open with her jaw hanging after the light went down. I shifted my gaze at Terra who also had the same facial expression.

“Oh my watcher! Drake was able to use Sun magick!” Terra quietly said to herself.

‘Impressive Drake! But the duel is not over!” Amelia said as she sent another Moon blizzard spell towards him.

Drake was able to dodge her spell and was able to shoot one at Amelia. But once again all of our faces had dropped when Drake was also able to summon a Moon blizzard spell as well!

Screenshot-728“Sun and Moon Magick! How is this possible?!” Terra said with disbelief.

“Let’s end this for once and for all!” Amelia suddenly said.

From her wand she released a very powerful fire spell at Drake which he had no time to evade.

Screenshot-730“Ugh I’m so drained. I have no magick left!” Drake said which made him surrender to Amelia.

Screenshot-731“I guess you win mom. You were right!” Drake pouted.

I did warn you, remember that!” Amelia giggled.

Screenshot-732“That went totally better than I thought.” Terra leaned over to tell me.

“Yeah it was quite exciting!” I said.

“I’ll be right back. I need to call and tell Darien about this, I don’t care if he’s working right now.” Terra said as she pulled her cell phone out and walked into a different room.

Amelia walked over to Drake and said to him.

Screenshot-734“That was quite impressive Drake! Not only were you able to summon Sun magick but it also seems that you were able to inherit and use Moon magick too! I am so proud of you son!”

“Thanks mom, but I’m not very proud of myself right now. Earlier I tried to use a good luck charm on Opal, which didn’t work, and I didn’t even win the duel.” Drake said with discouragement.

“Yes even though you did lose, you still showed that you have the potential of being a powerful witch! You must remember that right now you are still young. It will take a few years to get everything right but eventually you’ll be able to master it.”

“Thanks mom.” Drake said with a small smile.

Screenshot-736As I stood from afar, I was able to hear their conversation. I looked at Drake and smiled to myself as I admire him. Even though he is still young, Drake was able to show how powerful he could be. I just hope I’m able to show some potential one day too.

Chapter 12: Visions

*Drake’s POV*

Opal and I had just arrived home from school.  We both decided to do our homework right away so we could have time to hangout and unwind. Of course as a boy with magicalk powers, I was able to finish my homework in an instant before Opal could finish the first problem.

“Why do you keep finishing your homework before me?” she asked as she struggled with an algebra problem.

Screenshot-634I leaned my back against the chair and with a deep cheesy-sexy voice, I said “Cuz I’m magical baby!”

Opal started to burst out laughing. “Oh my watcher! That was soooo bad Drake! Good one!”

“You know it baby!” I said with the same voice. She was laughing even harder.

“Drake, honey, can you please meet me in the witches’ lair in five minutes? I need to talk to you about something important.” my mom called from the kitchen.

“Sure thing mom!” I said.

“Great!” my mom said as she made her way to the lair.

“Oooooo. You get to go to the lair huh?” Opal asked me.

“I know I can’t believe it! It must be really important if mom wants me there.” I told Opal. “You know, in all the years we had lived here, I’d never been down there.”

“What?!” Opal looked surprised. “How come you’ve never been the lair?”

“Whenever I asked my parents, they would always told me no since I was still a child.” I explained to Opal.

“Wow. I’m not even a witch and I’ve been in the lair before.” she told me.

“What?! When?” I asked her.

“The night I was resurrected. Your mom has a philosopher’s stone in the lair and that is what she used to bind my ghost to this realm.” Opal explained.

“Oh. Well since you know where it is…can you tell me where to find it? My parents haven’t told me how to get there yet!” I begged Opal.

“Wow. Okay. Well the entrance is in the family library out in the backyard. The door is behind the second bookshelf from the left and when you enter it you will see some stairs. Follow the stairs and you will be in a long hallway. Go to the very end to your right and you will find the door to the lair.” Opal instructed me.

“Thanks Opal! Your awesome!” I said as I left the room.

“I know I am!” giggled Opal.


After following Opal’s directions, I found myself in the witches’ lair. The first thing I noticed was the Moon Dial in the middle of the room with the philosopher’s stone and the alchemy station behind it. To my left was a table with a crystal ball and to my right was a gem cutter and my mom looking through a spellbook.

Screenshot-635“Hey mom, I came just like you asked. You wanted to talk to me about something?” I said.

“Yes just hold on Drake. I’m almost finished reading this spell.” My mom said. A few seconds later she was finished and turned around to talk to me.

“All right Drake. There is something I need to ask you and it is very serious.” said mom.

“Really? What is it?” I asked.

“It’s about Opal.”

I started to slightly panic inside. ‘Was there something wrong? Is she okay?’ A-thousand worrisome thoughts started to form in my head.

Screenshot-636“As you know with Opal’s resurrection, Splendora has been keeping a close eye on us. She is up to something although I’m not too sure what it is. But because of Splendora and the fire incident Terra accidently started that almost harmed Opal, I made a vow to be Opal’s protector until my time ends.” Mom paused for a moment and continued. “Drake, I’m not going to be here forever and I need someone to take over my position as Opal’s protector. I would ask Terra but she already has a lot on her plate right now. Which is why I decided to ask you to be my successor. I know it’s a lot for me to ask of you and that your still young to take that kind of responsibility, but you’re the only one I could trust Drake.”

It was almost overwhelming to hear this from my mom. But I understood what she was feeling and I too wanted to protect Opal from Splendora. I would do anything to protect her. Anything!

Screenshot-638“Don’t worry mom, you can count on me. I’ll protect Opal after you’re gone.” I told her.

Mom beamed at me and said “Thank you Drake.”

Screenshot-639“Now in order to be Opal’s protector, you are going to have to work on your magick abilities. Behind me is a very special spellbook. This spellbook has been passed down from your father’s side of the family for generations! It’s basically the family’s Book of Shadows. What makes it really unique is that those born into your father’s family can only learn it’s secrets and no one else can, unless you’re married to the owner of the book.” Mom smiled. “Now this book will greatly help you increase your magicalk abilities compare to playing with magick alone. Why don’t you give it a try?” my mom asked me as she moved out of my way.

I slowly went up to the family spellbook. Even just by looking at it I could feel the strong magick radiating from the book, it’s secrets calling for me to learn it. To absorb it’s knowledge.

Screenshot-640I started to read the pages that were before me and instantly I go feel myself absorbing the magick that the book had to offer.

“Wow mom! I didn’t know how much spells there are!” I said. “There are so many things in here! The family history is here too!”

“Yup! You should read about some your ancestors. There might be somethings that might surprise you.” said mom.

Screenshot-641“Alright let’s see. Ah here’s some!” I mumbled to myself. I started to read one of my ancestors during the middle ages. Apparently he was a high wizard for a king and helped defeat a powerful dark witch of that time as well as helping to keep the peace between the Peteran and the Jacoban churches. As I was reading my ancestors’ history, I was suddenly hit with a vision. In this vision I could see, hear and feel everything my ancestor was going through at that time. As sudden as the vision came, it suddenly stopped. “Whoa.” I said to myself.

“Is everything okay Drake?” Mom asked me.

“Yeah I’m fine. I was just shocked to see-I mean read about this guy’s sudden and gruesome death. That’s all.” I said to my mom.

“Oh yes, being betrayed and thrown into the pit of doom is quite shocking indeed.” my mom said.

I went back to reading the book, but on spells this time. As I was reading on how to perform the fireball spell, I was thrown into another sudden vision. This time I saw myself, but only older, successfully performing the spell. I was then yanked out of the vision again and my head was started to hurt.

Screenshot-642“Oh my head is aching! I think I saw-I mean read more than I could handle!” I said to my mom.

“Oh yeah if you’re using it for the first time it can be overwhelming. You are basically absorbing concentrated magick from the book.” mom explained to me. “Why don’t you take a break?”

“I will I just want to read this small part on casting good-luck charms on people.” I said as another vision was suddenly starting.

“Okay but don’t take too long! OH! I just got a vision of your father coming home. He seems really happy! It must be very important if I’m seeing this.” mom said excitedly. “Will you be alright by yourself here Drake?”

“Yeah I will.” I told mom as my vision stopped immediately.

“Alright I’ll be back soon!” mom said as she left the lair.

I stood there looking around at the lair. After looking at the shelf with the elixirs on it, I moved towards the table with the crystal ball. ‘I remember dad said this was the crystal mom used to help her receive longer visions. I wonder if it would work for me too?’


*Amelia’s POV*

“So tell me, what happened?” I asked my husband as he entered the house with a huge grin across his face.

Screenshot-644“I finally accomplished my dream Amelia. I just got promoted to be a five-star celebrity chef!” Darien exclaimed.

“Oh congratulations my love! After so many years you finally did it!” I said as I hugged Darien.

Screenshot-647“Yes thank you! Where is everyone? I have to tell them the good news!” said Darien

“I remember I saw Opal and Terra playing chess in the living room and Drake is in the lair. I found your family’s spellbook this morning and I thought it might help Drake with his magick.” I told him.

“Oh good! That will help him a lot.” he said. “Well I better find my sister let her know about work. Then again she probably knew when I got here.”

“Your damn straight about that bro!” Terra yelled from the living room. “Congrats!”

*Meanwhile in the living room*

Screenshot-648“So do you think your fairy castle will be okay with the zombies? It is a full moon tonight.” Opal asked Terra as she moved her knight.

“Of course it will. I have my snowman army to protect it.” Terra answered as her pawn took out Opal’s bishop.

“Snowman army?”


Screenshot-632*Behold Terra’s army!*

After Darien shared about his day at work, he said that he was getting tired and was going to bed. Opal and Terra must have felt the same way since both of them emerged from the living room and announced they were going to bed also.

Screenshot-649After Opal said her congratulations to Darien and went up the stairs, Terra went by Darien and asked “So are you going to cook us fancy food for now on?”

“Don’t I do that already?” Darien asked with a glare.

“No.” Terra laughed.


As the two siblings bickered while climbing up the stairs, I went back to the lair to check on Drake. Instead of Drake standing in front of the spellbook, I found him sitting by the crystal ball.


“Drake what are you doing over there?’ I asked him.

“Well I..I was trying to see if it would work for me.” he said looking slightly embarrassed.

“As in trying to get a vision?” I asked. He nodded. “Well, Drake, the only way you an get vision through the ball is if you have the gift of foresight.”

“And how do you know if you have that gift?” he quickly asked me.

“Well some people with this gift, who is usually called a seer or an oracle, would have a lot of sudden short visions about the future. It usually starts during the childhood stage and increases during the adolescent years. Why do you ask?”

“Oh I was just wondering.” he mumbled.

I could tell there was something Drake was hiding so I decided to ask him what I was starting to suspect. “Drake. Have you been having short sudden visions lately?”

Drake’s eyes popped opened in shock. “I..I..” he hung his head slightly, deep a breath and said “Yeah I have been…for a while now.”

“Really?” I asked as I sat in the chair opposite from him. “When did this start?”

Screenshot-652“It started back when we just moved to Sunset Valley. We just arrived here in this house when I had a vision of all of us living here with a girl. That girl turned out to be Opal. The second one I had was the night before Opal started school. I was just about to get ready for bed when I saw a vision of Opal and I on the same tag team, we were winning and of course that came true. Also remember when you and dad were dueling on that one spooky day and I kinda got in the way?”


“Well I was lying when I said I wanted a closer look. I was actually having a vision of you winning that duel.”

“Interesting. Have you been having any recently?” I asked him.

“Yeah it just happened today actually! I was reading the family history from dad’s spellbook when I started seeing one of my ancestors. It was kinda intense when I started to feel his pain after he was betrayed.”

“Wait!” I interrupted “Did you just say you¬†felt his pain during your vision?”

“Yeah I felt everything he was feeling. Happiness, joy, sadness, pain, everything!” Drake started to look worried. “Why is that not normal?”

“No it isn’t, well for a witch that is. It seems you can have emphatic visions too.” I told him. “Has this happened before?”

“Yeah. The first time I had that kind of vision was when Splendora came here that one night. When Terra and Splendora said that she killed grandma, I could see and feel what they both went through. I could feel the pain and horror from Terra while I could disgustingly feel Splendora’s excitement and joy from crushing grandma’s heart. Terra could sense what I seeing during that time, so after she put Opal to bed we both had a talk. She is the only one who knows about my visions mom.” Drake explained to me.

After hearing my son telling me about this, I started to feeling guilty for not noticing Drake’s behavior when he was a child. But I also felt a little bit hurt knowing that Terra was the only one who knew and not telling me about this.

“Mom? Is there anyway to control it?” Drake’s questions immediately snapped me out from my thoughts.

“Yes there is. You see Drake, when you start to have visions your energy tends to build up. Sometimes when your energy gets too¬†built up it starts looking for a way to be released and if it can’t find a way, then you usually get these short intense visions. Now there are two ways to help release your built up energy. The first would be by meditation while the second would be using the crystal ball. By using the crystal ball, your energy will be released long enough where you will be able to receive longer and less intense visions.” I explained “Would you like to try it out?”

Drake was hesitant at first but he agreed.

We adjusted our chairs and I said to him “Okay first of all just relax and take a few deep breaths. Then after that focus your energy into the crystal.”

Drake closed his eyes and started to take his deep breaths. As soon as he was relaxed enough, he started to focus on the crystal ball, which started to float immediately.

“Drake look! The crystal is floating!” I said excitedly.

Screenshot-653“Oh wow!” Drake said. He must have gotten excited too because the ball started to drop a little.

“Drake stay focused!” I quickly reminded him. “Okay good, now concentrate even more of your energy into the ball so that it might start glowing.”

Drake followed my instructions and soon the crystal ball started to glow.

Screenshot-654“Mom look! I got it to glow!” Drake smiled.

“Wonderful Drake! You’re a natural!” I said. “Alright now you can ask the crystal your questions and it will show you what you want to know.”

“But what if it doesn’t?” Drake asked me.

“It will don’t worry. Your doing fine Drake.” I comforted him.

Screenshot-655“Now ask it a question.” I told him.

“Crystal ball, will I be a good protector for Opal?” Drake asked.

Drake’s body suddenly jerked and he took a sharp gasp. From the look of his eyes I could tell he was receiving a vision.

“What is it Drake? What do you see?” I excitedly asked. I couldn’t restrain myself, my son was sitting there in front of me having his first full vision! I had to know!


“I see myself in the future.” Drake began to say with a hypnotic voice, while his gaze was fixed into the crystal ball. “I’m in my mid to late twenties. I am Opal’s protector and I am very skilled in magick, very strong too. I am able to protect Opal from a lot of things that could harm her. But sadly, I am still not strong enough to defeat Splendora by myself.”

Screenshot-658“Good good! Do you see anything else?” I asked.

“Yes I do. It is from another question I have from my heart. I see two different life paths that involves Opal and I when it comes to a relationship. The first path I see we are just friends. The second path I see we are both intimate with each other and possibly might be married. Which ever path I choose I will be her protector.”

The crystal ball stopped glowing and Drake said “That is all that I could see.”

Screenshot-661I sat there looking at Drake feeling so proud and happy that not only was he able to properly use the crystal ball, but that one day he will be a great protector to Opal.

How about that! My son is a seer!” I happily thought to myself.

Screenshot-660“That was amazing Drake! I don’t think I would be able to do that when I was your age!” I told him. “How are you feeling right now?”

“I’m really sleepy. I think I used too much of my energy.” Drake said as he yawned.

Screenshot-662“Don’t worry, it’s normal for people to feel like that when using the crystal for the first time.” I said. “You know Drake, with what you told me and experienced today, I believe that one day you will be a powerful seer!”

“Thanks mom, but to be honest I don’t want to be called a seer. I know this will sound dorky and all, but I think I would prefer to be called an oracle instead. It kinda sounds cool.” Drake laughed.

“Hey you can be called whatever you like. I’m just so proud of you right now!” I said as I got up from my seat and hugged Drake.

“Thanks mom. I love you.” Drake said sleepily.

“I love you too son.” I whispered.


After Drake had gone to bed, I went to retire in my bedroom. I entered the room and found Darien lying on the bed, getting ready to sleep.

Screenshot-664“So how did it go?” He asked when he saw me.

“A lot better than I thought.” I replied with a huge smile. “But apparently, Drake has some feelings for Opal!” I giggled.

“Oh boy we better keep a close eye on him!” Darien sighed. “So tell me. What happened in the lair?”


“Something even I wouldn’t have seen in a vision!” I then preceded to tell Darien everything that had happened.


Chapter 11: Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

Things had settled down after the day Terra accidentally set the dining table on fire. Not much really had happened, just normal things like Drake and I going to school, Terra and Darien arguing about something, and Amelia trying to mediate things between them while fighting back Splendora’s undead army. Just normal things. But a month later, Drake had his birthday. His thirteenth birthday. After dinner we sang him a song and ate some cake, then the time came when he started to age up.

Screenshot-563“WOOOOO! It’s time!” he shouted excitedly. After spinning his noisemaker Drake started to be surrounded by sparkles.

Screenshot-564“Drake why are you crossing your eyes?” I asked him.

“I dunno I think it’s from the sparkles it’s making me really dizzy!” he giggled as the sparkles covered him even more. Then in a small flash of light, the sparkles dispersed and revealed a teen-aged Drake.

Screenshot-565“I think those sparkles really got to me. I feel really tired.” Drake said with a slightly deeper voice.

“You should see your hair!” Terra giggled.

“And your clothes.” I added.

“Yeah we should take care of that now. Let’s go to your bedroom.” Darien said.

30 minutes later Drake had came out of his bathroom after fixing his hair. It actually looked nice with the new clothes he was wearing.

Screenshot-567But he didn’t seem to care about it. As we were leaving his room, he did mention that it was starting to snow outside. That can only mean one thing. Winter is coming!


Through out the night it had been storming, so when morning came the town looked like a winter wonderland. Drake and I also got the news that school was canceled due to the heavy snow, which we really didn’t complain about. As I was eating my breakfast with Terra, Drake walked into the dining room with his bowl of cereal and took a seat next to me and started to talk. As we were chatting he then asked me “Hey Opal, I was just wondering but did you want to help me make a snowman? I’m pretty sure it’s been a while for you.”

“Yeah sure that sounds like fun!” I said.

“A snowman huh?” Terra thought out loud. “That gives me an idea.” She said with a mischievous smile.

Terra had gotten up from her seat, walked to the stairs and shouted “Yo Darien!”

“What?” he shouted back.


“DAMN IT TERRA! REALLY?!” Darien yelled with annoyance.


Afterward Drake and I were outside looking for a spot to build our snowman.

“I think this area should do. What do you think Opal?”

“I think it’s perfect!”

Screenshot-569So we then started to build our snowman. Through out the time we both talked about school, sports, and of course magic.

Screenshot-573Eventually, we finally finished our traditional snowman. I thought it looked nice for making it the first time.

Screenshot-575“So what do you want to name it?” Drake asked me.

“I think I’ll name it Paul.” I told him.

“Paul? Why Paul?”

“Why not?”

“Okay well I guess we made Paul the snowman.” Drake laughed.

We started to hear some commotion coming from the backyard. So we went to check it out and to our surprise we found Amelia also making a snowman while Darien made an igloo.

Screenshot-576“I’m going to start making dinner, you gonna stay out here?” Darien asked Amelia.

“Yeah, I’m almost done with this one.” Amelia told him.

“Don’t stay out here too long or you’ll freeze to death!” Darien warned her. “You too kids!” he added.

“Come on let’s go inside I’m freezing my butt off!” said Drake.

“Same here!” I told him.


We both were in the dining room trying to warm-up and waiting for dinner. To kill some time, Drake started to practice with his magic. First thing he did was conjure an apple. He told me it was the most basic thing all witches must learn.

Screenshot-578He was really happy he could conjure a normal apple from his hands.

“Wow Drake that was pretty good!” I complimented.

“Thanks Opal. Now lets see if I could start some sparkles.” he said.

Drake pulled out his wand and started to wave it around. He was able to have some sparkles come out of his wand but when he attempted to create a ball of sparkles, he sadly failed.


Screenshot-584It was really sad that he could get so easily discouraged.

Screenshot-585“Uggghhhh! I can never get this right! Some witch I’m turning out to be!” lamented Drake.

“Don’t give up so easy Drake! Your still getting use to this. I know you’ll do better next time!” I encouraged him.

Screenshot-587“Alright everyone dinner is ready!” Darien called from the kitchen.

We all made our plates of the stuffed turkey Darien had made. Drake ate his meal really fast and went right back to practicing his magic.

It was just me, Darien, and Amelia just sitting at the table enjoying our food. As we sat there eating and talking, Darien asked Amelia why she was at the neighborhood pool.

“I’m just wondering because normally you wouldn’t go near any water without your hydrophobia acting up.” Darien told her.

Screenshot-588“I just, I just wanted to try get rid of my phobia alright? It’s not like I actually jumped in the water.” Amelia mumbled while she ate.

“Sorry I just wanted to know. I could have been there to support you, you know.” said Darien.

“Thanks but I’m capable of taking care of myself.” Amelia grinned.

“Who knows, Amelia might be able to get rid of her phobia and save people from drowning one day!” I added.

Screenshot-589“Yeah and that will be the day hell would freeze!” Darien laughed. “How’s the magic training going son?”

“It could be better dad. It could be better.” Drake mumbled.



It was a few months later I received a special surprise. One afternoon I came home from school and was about to start on my homework. When out of the corner of my eye I spotted something that wasn’t there before. In the middle of the kitchen was a small round table that had a birthday cake standing in the middle. The cake had some candles on it and of course I was curious as to who it was for.

Screenshot-596When I close enough to read the writing I made a very loud gasp. With a wave of emotions that I was starting to feel, I tried to hold back my tears before anyone could see me. On the cake I saw the words ‘Happy Birthday Opal!’

They know it’s my birthday?” I thought to myself. Then all at once everyone jumped out of the dining room and shouted “Surprise! Happy birthday!”

Screenshot-599“You guys knew it was my birthday today?” I asked surprised.

“Of course we did! Now hurry up and blow the candles out so we can eat some cake!” Terra said excitedly.

“And don’t forget to make a wish!” Darien reminded me.

As I went up to the cake to blow my candles out, I started to think what to wish for.



I know!‘ I thought to myself. I really hoped it comes true, even if it takes a while.

I quietly made my wish and blew out my candles.


“HURRAY” everyone shouted.

“Now it’s time for the sparkles.” said Drake.

“Sparkles? What sparkles?” I asked.

“The sparkles to age you up into a teenager.” Amelia explained.

Suddenly, I started to feel something around my body and right in front of me I saw the sparkles that grew Drake up. Now it was my turn, and I do have to admit it felt weird!






After the sparkles had settled I was now a teen!

Screenshot-610“Wow that felt weird!” I said a loud. I had noticed my voice was slightly deeper compared to when I was a child. I also noticed that I had breasts now! But most of all, I noticed the clothes I was wearing.

What the hell am I wearing?” I thought to myself.

“Alright! Let’s eat some cake!” Terra said.

We all grabbed a slice of cake and ate it. Drake was the first one to finish and excused himself saying that he had to finish his homework. After I finished my slice I stood up and said “Thank you all for doing this for me! You didn’t have to do this you know.”

Screenshot-612“We know but we wanted to do it anyway!” Darien told me.

“Thank you all.” I said while holding back a tear. I started to pick up my plate when Amelia stopped me and said “Don’t worry about your plate Opal, I’ll wash it for you.”

“Thanks, well I’m going to my room I need to change my outfit. It’s so hideous, maybe my hair too.” I said.

“Oh good! I didn’t want to say anything but seeing where you stand…Opal your outfit is horrible, go change your clothes!” Terra ordered.

“Don’t worry I will! Night everyone and thank you so much for everything!” I told them.

“Happy birthday!” All three of them said.

I went up to my room and changed my outfit that would look better from what I was wearing. I didn’t realize that my hair actually grew and the headband was just holding it all together. So I decided to let my hair down and change into something simple.

Screenshot-613I then realized that I had forgotten my homework downstairs so I left my room to retrieve it when I bumped into Drake in the hallway.

“Oh Opal! I’m sorry I did-uh-didn’t see…you…there.” Drake said as he fumbled with his words.

Screenshot-616“Sorry! Me..umm…me too” I said as I struggled to speak. I wasn’t sure what was going on now. My heart was beating faster for some reason and I felt nervous and weird with Drake standing in front of me. “ was trying downstairs to get my homework!”

“Oh yeah I thought I saw…um.. where was it.. downstairs in the kitchen! Yeah the kitchen.” He said.

“Oh okay thank you.” I said as I could feel myself blushing. As I started to go downstairs Drake then said “Opal wait!”

“Yeah?” I asked as my heart started beat a little faster for some reason.

Drake looked me straight at me with his blues eyes (which I didn’t realize that they were beautiful until now), smiled and said “Happy birthday!”

“Thank you!” I said as I smiled back. I could feel myself blushing again. Drake then turned around and went into his bedroom as I got my homework, feeling all giddy inside.


The next few weeks went by fairly smoothly, until we were hit by another round of birthdays. This time it was Darien and Amelia. Technically it was Terra’s birthday too, but as a fairy she had a longer life span. As we were waiting for Darien and Amelia to wake up, Drake and Terra were discussing what to have for birthday lunch.

Screenshot-617“I seriously think we should have mac n’ cheese auntie Terra, it’s simple to make and it’s really good!” said Drake.


“Um no. We’re having fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. It’s mine and your dad’s favorite meal so we’re going for that.” Terra argued back.

“No we should have mac n’ cheese.” Drake persisted.

“Fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches!” Terra refuted back.

“Mac n’ cheese!”

“Fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches!”

“Mac n’ cheese!”

“Fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches!”

“How about we let the person who is aging up today to decide what to have for lunch.” I suggested.

“I have to agree with Terra. We should have fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches for lunch.” Darien said as he walked down the hallway.

“HA! See I told yo- OH MY WATCHER! DARIEN YOU’RE OLD!” Terra screamed suddenly.

As I looked towards Darien I too was shocked of what I saw.

Screenshot-620Darien had already aged into an elder.

“How is this possible?! I though you weren’t suppose to age until later tonight!” Terra said to Darien.

“I don’t know either. Amelia and I just woke up and we immediately aged.” Darien explained.

“Oh not Amelia too! She now an old brittle woman who is probably having a hard time just walking down-”

“Well good morning to you too Terra.” Amelia¬†interrupted her as she appeared behind Darien.

Screenshot-621“Oh, I guess you don’t have any problems walking.” Terra said sheepishly. Terra turned to Darien and said “Bro, I can’t believe it happened. I was prepared for it to happen this evening but you being old right now it just, well you know.” Terra said as she hung her head down.

Screenshot-623“Terra, we both knew this would happen. Yes it was a little earlier than expected by it doesn’t mean I’m going to die tomorrow!’ Darien quietly told Terra.

“I know, I shouldn’t be think of that right now. I should be thinking of eating a fried peanut butter sandwich instead!” Terra laughed.

“There we go!” Darien laughed as he hugged his sister. “I better get to it since I’m the only one in the house who knows how to make it!” said Darien. After he release his sister he then headed to the kitchen.

Screenshot-624” Happy birthday Amelia! You actually aged really well!” I told her.

“Thank you Opal! You know being an elder isn’t as bad as I thought. Well for now at least!” Amelia laughed.

Screenshot-625“Now Opal, honey, I need to ask you something. I know you still have some time but I was wondering about what your plans were after you’ve aged into young-adulthood?” Amelia asked me.

“Well I, um.” I took a deep breath and said “Well I wasn’t planning to tell you until later but I was thinking about moving out and living on my own for a little bit. Don’t get me wrong I do love you all and I do love living here! But I feel like I have to move out after, to experience life since you helped me get a second chance at it!” I explained to her.

Amelia smiled and said “I was hoping to hear that. That is exactly what you need to do but I’m going to tell you now, if anything happens to the point where you are struggling, you are always welcomed back here.”

Screenshot-627“Thanks Amelia. That means a lot to me.” I told her.

“No problems child.”

Afterwards I noticed Drake was talking with Terra again and I heard him ask her.

Screenshot-628“So are you ready for some mac n’ cheese?”

“No kid! We are having fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches! And that’s FINAL!” Terra said with a death glare.